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    Get Hooked on Slacktide Charters

    With the crew of SlackTide Charters, it’s not just another day of charter fishing in the St. Augustine area, this is our living & passion. Whether it’s your first time offshore fishing, family or customer outings, when you fish with SlackTide Charters, we go the distance to give you an excellent charter fishing experience. All businesses, women and children are always welcome!

    Capt. Ryan Leary’s 10+ yr. career, based on his fishing experiences and expert techniques; are highlighted in an article from the Coastal Angler Magazine. Additionally he has participated in fishing tournaments such as: the Billfish, Los Suenus Triple Crown, The Bisbee’s Black & Blue, Skips Tournament, White Marlin Open and the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament.

    After all his travels and competitions up and down the east coast including the Bahamas plus travels to the Pacific including Central America and Cabo Mexico; Capt. Ryan Leary has brought his experience back to his home town of St. Augustine, Florida in order to bring you the best of fishing and boating adventures


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